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Magellan Aviation Services has both expertise and experience in providing airlines with the right combination of services easing regulatory compliance and enhancing flight operations:

  •  Pilots/Instructors/Examiners Provisioning
  •  Custom training programs;
  •  Development of training and operation manuals;
  •  Software solutions for fleet, crew and overall airline management;
  •  Ferry flights;
  •  Supply of advice and support to facilitate implementation of quality procedures and processes.
  • Turnkey solutions for emerging airlines available.

Technical documentation management software

DocTech is a complete, flexible and cost-effective Content Management System (CCMS) that will perfectly fit with the way you work, without any software setup requirement.
It allows you to create and manage the content of your internal documentation, seamlessly and intuitively, helping you to keep your datas always updated.

interfaceAccessible from everywhere, thanks to its secured web access (HTTPS), you can be informed of all modifications with no security concerns. A single click to update the content, approve or reject a modification, dispatch the information and export your text.

About to be audited? No worry, with DocTech you are in permanent compliance. Do not waste your time until the D-day to check if it is up-to-date : with a single click, export a versioning report and no additional work is required, neither for you nor for the auditor.

Starting at $149,99/month, with all functions included, DocTech is your best ally to make your work easier.

To learn more, you can download here the PDF file or visit the official website : www.thedoctech.com

Ferry flights / Demo flights

For many years, we are organizing ferry flights, demo flights and technical inspection flights on all ATR types, from a 1-hour flight to a multiple-days ferry flights (India, Indonesia, South-East Asia...).
Our administrative and technical teams handle the organization from A to Z : technical crews are provided and flights are fully handled by Magellan (crew, plane, administration, flights, stops, fuel, overflight authorizations, crew positioning, etc...).
Contact our technical team for a quotation : flightops@magellanaviation.com
Air Carnival ferry

Crew Provisioning

Pictures squaresYou are an airline and are facing an increase in pilot need ?
With Magellan Aviation Services you intrust your crew recruitment to a company established in various field of aviation for almost 10 years.
We are pleased to provide currently several airlines located in South Asia. Our recrutment skills cover all types of airplanes (Airbus family, Boeing family, Saab 340, ATR 42/72…) and our method allows us a very meticulous selection.
Whether you are a brand new airline or a well estalished one, our offer is customized for every client with always the same objective for all our partnerships : win-win.
We don’t only collect CVs for you, we do the recruitment for you.

Instructor provisioning for Line Trainings on ATR

gif ATR-MAS gif

Australia, Indonesia, India, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Columbia...

Over the last 5 years, more than 25 Line Trainings - total of 45 months - have been performed by our TRIs approved by several foreign civil aviation authorities.

Magellan Aviation Services covers ground courses, simulator training and line training for airline crews, especially on ATR 600.

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Magellan Aviation Services Inc.
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